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From where the ocean meets the Dutch shores, Pld (Patrick Le Duc) has made a beautiful debut in the album 'Square Moods', a collaboration with Paskal Jakobsen and Peter Slager and with special appearances of Bart van der Weide (on Sweet Things and Head On Fire).

A four man band, which toured accompanying Dutch band Bløf in 2010-2011, has been brought down to a two man base in 2014 in which Pld is currently writing and recording his second album. “There is room for more but the songs really shine if we keep it clean and simple. Also with JJ (on keys) the songs (the old and the new) get a fresh new attitude. It feels like we’re starting all over. And perhaps that is exactly what it is.”

An acoustic guitar specially crafted by the well known luthier Sjak Zwier and new sounds from the likes of Hammond hero JJ Delacombe give a little hint into where the album is heading. Expect more to come in 2015-16.

Photos by HP!


Square Moods

by Patrick Le Duc

From 2008-2010 Square Moods was written, recorded and produced by Patrick Le Duc (lead vox and guitars), Paskal Jakobsen (guitars, mandolin and backing vox) and Peter Slager (electric and double bass). The thunderous drums and freakish percussion are on account of Martijn Bosman. Special appearances of Bart van der Weide (lead vox and blues harp) on 'Sweet Things' and 'Head On Fire'. You can download the accompanying lyrics of the album here and the booklet in pdf here


Pld - Love Will Beat Any Day

Pld - Walkaways

Pld - Bright Lights On The Radio


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